We would like to thank our friends at take5tosavelives for helping us structure our 5 ways in which someone can immediately, get involved.


1) Learn the Signs: Take a few moments to learn the warning signs & red flags of suicide.

2) Join the Movement: Use your status updates and tweets to help save lives and spread awareness. Motivate your friends to join you in spreading awareness and making a difference.

3) Support a Friend: If someone you know is struggling, learn ways to help them. Look back at our Resources tab, and you’ll see many different ways to teach and help a friend in need.

4) Reach Out: If you personally are going through rough times, or struggling reach out for help. Talk to an adult, and get the help you need. Call the 24/7 Suicide Hotline  1-800-273-8255

5) Stand Up & Speak: No matter what it is, if you or a friend are struggling with something, gather the courage to Stand Up & Speak about it. Do not try to handle things on your own.


There is so much help out there, Stand Up and Speak.


The #StandUpandSpeak movement

Draw an arrow and cut it out on a piece of paper and write directly on the arrow what it is that you will Stand Up & Speak for. Whether it be something that you personally battle with, or something that a friend  might be battling through. (Bullying, Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Depression, Loneliness, etc.)

Take a picture of yourself holding up this arrow and upload it to your social media sites with the hashtag: #StandUpandSpeak

By uploading your picture, you are taking the pledge to Stand Up & Speak when ever you witness this act being done. Whether it be with support, reaching out, or contacting an adult. You WILL Stand Up & Speak!