Our Mission


When he was 15 years old, Justin Menendez lost his 13 year-old brother, Jason Anthony Menendez, to suicide. It was in the wake of that tragedy that Justin founded The J.A.M. Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of The J.A.M. Foundation is to educate the youth of today, as well as parents, educators and the general public, to Stand Up and Speak about the often-taboo topic of suicide. 

One goal of The J.A.M. Foundation is to spread awareness of the warning signs of suicide risk and eliminate the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health issues to help reduce the number of adolescents dying by suicide. We recognize that, unless and until we confront, challenge and overcome that stigma, it will continue to be a major barrier to the treatment of mental illnesses and to the prevention of suicide.

The J.A.M. Foundation, Inc is not a 24 hours hotline. We do not provide medical advice diagnosis, or treatment. We simply hope to be the bridge to lead you or someone you know, to get the help needed.